A school girl left for dead by hit-and-run boy racers has issued a plea for people to help catch them from her hospital bed.

Chanize Angel Laker, 16, and her friend Daniella Arnold, 14, were knocked down as the two racers sped along Welbeck Road on Carshalton's St Helier estate just before 9.20pm on Saturday.

The impact threw Chanize 60ft through the air and left the pair stricken in the road but the drivers just sped off.

Chanize suffered a fractured skull, broke her pelvis in three places, broke her wrist and needed almost 30 stitches to a wound on her head, while Daniella was left with a broken kneecap.

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Speaking exclusively to the Sutton Guardian from her hospital bed, Chanize has spoken of the collision itself and her hopes that someone will find the two drivers responsible.

She said: "I was with my friend near my house. She crossed the road and this went past her really fast.

"I said to her to watch out and stepped out into the road. I couldn't see anything coming as it was dark but then I heard this noise and a silver car came out of nowhere. It didn't have lights on.

This Is Local London:

Welbeck Road

"It came really fast and hit me in on the side of the leg. I went up in the air and landed on the front of the car and rolled on top of it then flew off through the air and landed on the floor.

"I was conscious but I couldn't move at all and my vision was blurred but I could see the car stop and when he saw us lying in the road he drove off and left us there.

"I was lying there and my legs were numb and there was blood all over me. When I opened my eyes properly I could see my dad in front of me screaming and shouting. There were police and I could see my friend sitting on the side of the road crying. It was terrifying."

The two girls were taken to hospital for treatment. Daniella was released earlier in the week but Chanize's injuries are so serious she is still undergoing treatment.

Police are hunting the drivers of the cars. The first car to pass is believed to have been a blue Vauxhall Corsa and the second car, the one that actually hit Chanize, is thought to be a silver hatchback, probably a Nissan or a Volkswagen Golf.

Neighbours have said the area is known to be popular with speeding drivers and Chanize said she thinks she has seen the same two cars racing around the estate in the past. Another neighbour said she saw the same cars later the same night.

Chanize added: "I just hope someone catches them. I'm still in hospital but when I get out I will want my parent's help crossing the road because I'm too frightened - this road can be very dangerous.

Where the incident happened

"I think I saw them before near Rosehill and there are often tyre marks on the road.

"I just want them to know that there is CCTV, the police have lots of evidence and someone must have seen what happened. I just want them to be caught."

If you have information, you can call police on 101 or the charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.