The leader of Barnet Borough Council has criticised a group of anti-Tory campaigners for “student politics” and creating “childish leaflets”.

Conservative leader Councillor Richard Cornelius spoke out after Barnet Alliance for Public Services (BAPS) issued an election leaflet encouraging people not to vote for the Tories.

But the leaflets have had to be amended because they failed to mention the printer and promoter, which is a requirement by law during the election process, which officially starts today.

Cllr Cornelius said: “BAPS is showing a lack of attention to the law and living in the past. It's student politics of the worst kind; demonstrations, sit-ins and childish leaflets are no substitution for achievement.

“The Conservatives have been a high-achieving council and avoided the panicking cuts of Labour boroughs.”

BAPS refers to itself as a non-party political group, but openly denounces the Conservative Party and its policies including the One Barnet programme which involves outsourcing services to private companies.

Cllr Cornelius added: “In its negativity it is party political. I think once you start third party campaigning it’s very difficult.”