Goats will graze near Esher Common this summer as part of a conservation project.

This summer 15 billy goats will dine in a small paddock on the south side of Esher Common, in a conservation project launched by Surrey Wildlife Trust and Elmbridge Council.

A small area of the common has been selected for a grazing trial and temporary fencing will be erected to protect and confine the goats.

Jo Saunders, a ranger for Surrey Wildlife Trust, said: “Grazing with goats is an excellent alternative to cutting scrub by machine.

“Goats can selectively browse woody vegetation; leaving more sensitive plants unharmed and creating a wonderful mosaic of micro-habitats.

“We’re really pleased that the team at Esher Common have decided to use goats to help with their heath restoration."

Anyone interested in looking after the goats should contact the countryside team on 01372 474582.