A group of campaigners who pride themselves on being “non party political” will have to reprint their election leaflets because they could have broken the law.

Barnet Alliance for Public Services (BAPS) issued leaflets condemning Barnet’s Conservative Party, informing readers that May 22 is “your chance to VOTE THEM OUT!”

At the bottom of the leaflet it states BAPS published the material, but fails to mention the printer and promoter, which is a requirement by law. Leaflets must carry this information as of today when the local election process officially starts.

Barbara Jacobson, a representative of the group, was informed of the error by the Times Series and BAPS is now making changes to the leaflet.

She said: “It’s good you got to us in time. We’re taking steps to correct them.”

The Times Series also questioned the group about claiming to be non-party political when its leaflet carries statements such as “Simple as ABC: Anyone But Conservative”.

Ms Jacobson said: “We’re not aligned to any political party. Our view is that the policies that have been promoted by the current cabinet, we think there should be a change.  But we don’t tell people who to vote for.

“We have a view that our policies indicate that a Conservative cabinet does not suit the needs and desires of the residents of this borough.”

The group has campaigned against various Conservative policies including its One Barnet scheme to outsource public services to private companies.

Tirza Waisel, who is also a representative of BAPS, said: “We’re not telling anyone who to vote for. It just gives information about the performance about the current council, and it just so happens to be a Conservative council.

“Our conclusion is one, but other people may get to other conclusions. As a community campaign, our role is to inform residents to what is happening in the borough.

“We can’t demand anything from anyone, we’re a community campaign. It’s a clear recommendation, we want the Tories out there’s no doubt about it because of the damage they’ve been causing the borough. But people can vote for Green, for Labour, for Lib Dems; they can make up their own minds.

“People are wise enough to make up their own minds.”

The Times Series is waiting for a comment from Barnet Borough Council’s Conservative Party.