A mother has described being attacked by a dog as she tried to protect her own pet.

Nicola Sarai and her 18-year-old daughter Tiffany were walking their Jack Russell in Chestnut Field, Walthamstow, on Thursday when the incident happened.

The pair, of St John's Road, were walking home when they spotted another Jack Russell off its lead.
Ms Sarai said: "It was about 50 metres away and made a beeline for my dog.

"I knew something was wrong because as it got closer to us, Milo laid down all submissive.

"They sniffed each other and then it attacked straight away. It was snarling its teeth, growling and trying to bite Milo.

"I bent down to pick up Milo and that's when he bite my jaw line and my hand."

Despite pleading with the owner to help, Ms Sarai said the woman "strolled over slowly" and started laughing when she was confronted about the attack.

Ms Sarai immediately contacted the police, but the woman is said to have hurriedly walked off and refused to give her name.

Ms Sarai is concerned she will not be the last victim of the dog.

She said: "It was completely shocking and scared the life out of me. I was with my daughter and holding a huge parcel at the time, so I had difficulty in defending myself and nowhere to escape.

"The owner didn't care at all and didn't even try to control her dog which should be muzzled and on a lead at all times.

"This will happen again, but next time it could be a toddler or a baby."