A former Hinchley Wood School pupil, who played Anna Nicole Smith in a television show, will be competing in this year’s Miss London final.

Isabelle Allan, 22, will compete in the beauty pageant on April 26, hoping to qualify for the prestigious Miss England event later this year.

Also having studied at Esher College, she took on her first modelling role at the age of 14 after her parents sent photos of her to a modelling agency.

Miss Allan, of Greenways, Hinchley Wood, said: “They didn’t tell me at first in case I didn't get it.

“I was successful and it has all gone from there really, I love it and am lucky enough to be able to do it full-time.

“I can’t wait for the Miss London final, although we have to do a boot camp before it so I'm not sure what to expect from that.

“But I am the sort of person who will throw myself into anything.

“If you win, you go on to Miss England and that is obviously a massive deal as that leads to Miss World.”

And since leaving college, her career flourished, including a lead role in the Channel 5 programme Autopsy: Anna Nicole Smith’s Last Hours.

Miss Allan said she totally immersed herself in American model’s story and did a lot of research to get into the mind of Smith.

She said: “It was a really gritty part and to be honest, I didn’t realise it would be so intense.

“They sent me and information pack and I became a bit obsessed with it.

“I was watching interviews with her friends and really got to know Anna and what she was like as a person.”

The filming lasted two days, with Miss Allan admitting she did not look much like herself for a lot of it.

She said: “I looked so different in the programme, like for example the makeup that was used for the death scenes.”

Away from the catwalk and cameras, she has enjoyed horse riding at since she was four.

She added: “I ride in the north of England which is amazing for just galloping along but also at Chessington Equestrian Centre.

“I love my job and am making the most of it and take all the opportunities that are presented to me.”