I can’t say anything momentous or ground-breaking happened this week, apart from the fact the play pen had to be drafted down from the loft because we now have a bona fide crawler in the house.

Also my son has started telling his baby sister she’s naughty if she attempts to grab his afternoon snack, which we all, including him, find really funny.

As mum I do like to keep on top of everything, but this has become incredibly difficult now there are four people communicating in the home, in some form or another.

Michael and I have stepped up our fitness regimes and this has been aided by the fact both children are now sleeping through the night.

We completely appreciate that we have been lucky to have great sleepers, but over the last few weeks it’s been strange adjusting to not waking up in the night to make a bottle (massive thanks to Michael who has always got up with me).

So by the time both children are awake at 7am, Michael has cycled to Earlsfield station and back and I’ve been for a run or pumped iron in the gym.

We have had a renewed vigour for life, which has been needed as running around after a toddler needs energy, having your wits about you and agility.

It’s been really hard to get motivated as I haven’t had a fitness routine for almost two years and still have my baby belly hiding under jumpers and T-shirts.

However, I’m still not sure what my husband’s excuse is!

Anyway, we are taking baby steps and it seems to be working.

So in between making food pots, prepping lunches, dinners and fitting in a bit of work, all is well and I’m raring to go.

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