Campaigners have started a petition in a bid to safeguard the greenbelt from potential development.

Conservative campaigner Daniel Race has started the petition that "supports Epsom and Mole Valley to reject any loss of greenbelt". It has attracted 34 signatures online so far.

Mr Race raised concerns about land marketed by Dubai-based real estate agency Kings Land and a consultation on greenbelt sites including Ashtead Park Garden Centre on the border with Epsom.

He said: "If one greenbelt site is converted to residential development, there is nothing to stop a domino effect happening."

When asked about fears that a proposal to build a suburb around Chessington will impact Epsom and Ewell, Mr Race said they would object to unnecessary development on the greenbelt.

He added: "The RAC country club in Epsom is seeking to use the restoration of its walled garden and will increase their facilities, at the expense of our greenbelt."

But Michael Bedingfield, head of sales and marketing at the Royal Automobile Club, said there are no plans to build homes on their site although they hope to renovate a walled garden and derelict cottage.

He said they are speaking to council planners about "how to make our property at Woodcote Park right for 2014" but declined to elaborate on exactly what this involved.

Ashtead Community Vision (ACV) has finished its public consultation on 10 sites proposed by landowners for hundreds of homes including about 37 at the brownfield garden centre site.

ACV will submit their assessments to Mole Valley District Council and councillors will decide on which, if any, sites are included in its Housing and Traveller Sites Plan.

Conservative County Councilllor Tina Mountain said the proposed developments at the garden centre and nearby areas would have a "horrendous" impact on Epsom if they became a reality.

She said it would lead to: "Insufficient school places, congested roads, air pollution, inadequate infrastructure and more pressure on our hospital."

Kings Land is advertising exclusive plots in the "Epsom Hills", off Downsway Close, Epsom Downs - 100m away from Epsom Downs Racecourse - although anyone buying them will never be able to build there under current planning rules covering the greenbelt.

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