A car driver had an amazing escape after being hit by a lorry and knocked across the central reservation only to come to rest safely between two parked vehicles.

The extraordinary crash in Burgh Heath on Thursday, March 27, at 1.21pm was captured on CCTV.

Watch the other side of the road... Video by 21st Century Service (YouTube)

Marc, from electronics shop 21st Century Service in the Parade, Brighton Road, heard about the crash on his return from holiday and checked the shop's CCTV footage.

He said: "It’s surprising no-one was hurt. It’s amazing how the car managed to park between the others."

The car was driving past the Shell garage in the northbound side of Brighton Road at the time of the crash.

Fortunately there was a lull in traffic on the southbound side. Dale Harris, from First Class Plumbing and Bathroom Supplies in the Parade, said they heard the crash from inside the shop.

Mr Harris said: "As the car bounced across the central reservation, her tyre came off the rim of the wheel so the metal was grinding on the road.

"She was so lucky that when she went across the road, nothing was coming in the other way. It could have been carnage."

He said the lorry driver involved stopped and police did not need to be called. On coming out of his shop, he said: "It was just people talking, they were all alright."