Students and teachers slept rough at school on Monday night to raise money for a charity project.

Fifty students slept outdoors in sleeping bags in the quadrangle of St John’s School in Epsom Road, Leatherhead.

The sleep-out raised more than £5,000 towards a week-long holiday at the school for 20 children with significant learning disabilities in the summer.

This Is Local London:

Judith Fowler, who organised the night, said: "It was a great experience for us all, including six other teachers!

"It demonstrated to our pupils what it is to be without shelter and it was a great way of raising money, as most pupils raised over £100 each for our school charity.

"Although the warm spring air had arrived, it seemed to have vacated the quad for that one particular night - but I am not put off and I know we would all do it again next year."

Fourth former Ruby Breakspear said: "I stayed out the whole night in the rain."

James Long, from the lower sixth said: "Turns out falling asleep to the sound of the rain is really infuriating - but it was a great thing to do for a good cause."