Maria Miller has been told to apologise for wrongly claiming taxpayers' money for a house in Wimbledon.

The Culture secretary’s home in Woodside has been under intense scrutiny from the Standards Committee, which issued a report into her parliamentary expenses this morning.

The report found the former Merton Conservative, who is now MP for Basingtoke, had designated her main home in good faith and was not motivated by financial gain.

It said: "We have already recommended that Mrs Miller repay the £5,800 which she has identified as an overclaim." 

"She should also apologise by personal statement on the floor of the House for her attitude to the Commissioner’s inquiries."

A statement released by Mrs Miller said: "I've accepted in full the committee's report and I will apologise. I am pleased that the committee has dismissed the allegation against me by a Labour MP.

"Separately I will of course make the required repayment having drawn the committee's attention to this matter. I thank the committee for bringing this matter to an end."