The sequel to award-winning children’s adventure story The Bother in Burmeon will be launched at Brooklands Museum.

The original story is a retro tale, with young Billy slipping back in time to 1962 to join his RAF pilot granddad in a rip-roaring jungle adventure.

But what would happen if Billy takes another time travelling trip several months later?

This is the situation readers are faced with in author Susan Moss’ new book, Trouble in Teutonia, with Billy ending up in a country not dissimilar to Germany in the middle of a Cold War winter in 1957.

The youngster’s second journey is after his first, but before his grandfathers adventure, which could lead to a dilemma for the 12-year-old. Does he spill the beans about what will happen in the future or will he keep schtum?

Like its predecessor, Trouble in Teutonia is filled with goodies and baddies, mystery and action, as well as cars, motorbikes, planes and even a rocket.

Trouble in Teutonia launch; Brooklands Museum, Brooklands Drive, Weybridge; April 17, from 11am to 2pm in the Paddock, or Clubhouse if wet; free entry; for more information call 01932 857381 or visit