Is this the shortest double yellow line in Surrey?

It was painted on Wednesday morning in West Ewell by Surrey County Council, but because cars were parked in the way they ended up somewhat shorter than planned.

The truncated lines, stretching just a few metres, appeared on the corner of Riverholme Drive and Chessington Road and were spotted by John Godfrey who contacted the Epsom Guardian.

This Is Local London:

Mr Godfrey, who lives in the street, said cones were put out well before Wednesday but cars continued to park on that side of the road.

He said: "They came along in the early hours of the morning and put down yellow lines. But they left out bits where the cars are.

"It’s really funny for the council to do that. I think it’s hilarious."

A Surrey County Council spokeswoman said their contractors will be coming back to make the lines join up with those further down the street.

This Is Local London:

She said: "We don’t find it hilarious when we write to residents saying they have got to move the cars because we need to paint lines and they don’t.

"The joke may be on them. This is a problem our guys have all the time. They put notices through doors and people ignore them."