Campaigning teens have sought the advice of MP Tom Brake for their child care cause.

Failing Systems, a campaign to raise awareness of poor welfare services, was started by Alriatu Bah, Taila Hawley, Michelle Oppong-Baah and Lavanya Subramaniam, all just 15 years-old.

The girls were inspired by a documentary on a murdered Ivorian child they watched in school.

Alriatu said: “We want to educate people about the symptoms of child abuse, so they can prevent these cases.”

Mr. Brake added: “This is a very serious topic and the girls are showing a great level of maturity and awareness in trying to tackle it.”

“Dreadful cases such as those of 17-month-old Baby P and four-year-old Daniel Pelka have brought to light how children are tragically failed by welfare services. We must do everything in our power to protect such vulnerability.”

You can follow their campaign on Twitter at: @FailingSystems