It will be a case of hair today gone tomorrow when a daredevil takes her latest charity stunt head on.

Pollyanna Boothby Tucker, of Friern Park, North Finchley, will shave her shoulder length locks to raise cash for the North London Hospice.

The 61-year-old lost her husband, James Tucker, to pancreatic cancer six and a half years ago and is determined to give back to the charity that supported the family in his final months.

Marks & Spencers till worker Mrs Tucker has shaved her head twice in the last few years, raising more than £4,000 in total.

She said: “I have done this before and the after effect is very stimulating. All your barriers are down, it’s just amazing on a spiritual and an emotional level.

“Unless you’ve lost your hair, you can’t describe it. Customers come up to me in tears because for many of them, I look how they look.”

Last year, she took on a quirky fundraising challenge when she had her bottom plastered and the resulting cast auctioned for the Barnet Carers Centre.

She has also taken on a charity skydive.

Her husband, a stunt man, died 18 months after being diagnosed with the disease, spending his remaining time in and out of hospital.

Mrs Tucker will shave her head in front of shoppers at Marks & Spencer in Whetstone on Sunday.

She added: “People ask if I’ll wear a wig, a hat or a scarf but that defeats the object. I’m really looking forward to it.”