Dozens of motorists have received refunds from Waltham Forest Council after successfully appealing fines issued by a 24 hour bus lane camera. 

Earlier this month, the newly-installed camera in Whipps Cross Road, at the Green Man roundabout, was switched off after the council admitted confusion had been caused by a lack of clear signage. 

However, 6,200 tickets had been already been issued to motorists accused of accessing the lane illegally, with many receiving multiple fines. 

The council has now said thousands of unpaid tickets have been written off, 63 motorists have successfully appealed their tickets, with an additional 55 cases currently under review.

A spokeswoman said: "So far 63 motorists have successfully appealed their tickets and a further 55 cases are currently being reviewed, with more coming in every day.

"3,826 unpaid tickets have also been cancelled. The appeals process is still open, even for motorists who have already paid, and we will continue to process them as and when they come in.

"So anyone who has already paid their fine and feels they have been treated unfairly, can also still appeal and we will look into each case received."

In total about £250,000 worth of tickets have either been successfully appealed or refunded as a result. 

The camera was installed in early February and it was immediately challenged after motorists claimed the sign warning of the camera ahead was not placed in the correct position.

A sign detailing its hours of operation was sprayed over and the bus lane 'end' sign was not in line with the road markings.

In a statement released on March 7, the council said: "We understand that the static camera and sudden enforcement of the bus lane has created confusion for motorists and as soon as this came to light, we switched the camera off and stopped any further fixed penalty notices being issued.

"On investigation it has become apparent that the correct internal processes were not followed when the camera was erected and we appreciate that clearer signage should have been in place to warn motorists, especially since this bus lane is unlike most others in that it is effective 24 hours a day.

The camera remains at the roundabout but is no longer operational.