Robots whizzing their way down the streets could soon become the norm - and a group of teenagers are determined to be a part of making that happen.

Riku Murai and Nikunj Pindoriya, from Chirst College, in Finchley, have won the chance to represent the UK at the RoboCop World Championships in Brazil.

They hope their wacky reaction - made solely out of LEGO - will beat opposition countries teams including China, Japan and America.

With the help of team mate, Omar Essilfie-Quaye, they qualified for the finals at the heats in Coventry.

During the contest, their robot had to “rescue” a victim - a tin can - from an earthquake, before taking it to a secure area without being controlled via a remote.

Nikunj, of Park Road, Hendon, said: “It was really nerve wracking at the heats because we were just praying and hoping we’d win.

“The atmosphere is great, it gets very competitive. You try to get intel on what the other team are doing while protecting your own secrets.

“I can’t wait for Brazil now - it’s going to be something else.”

After realising their robot was beating the other teams, the 17-year-old said he felt “elated”.

This is the third time in a row the robotics team have qualified for the finals - they have also competed in the Netherlands and Mexico.

His teammate, 16-year-old Rikum Murai, of Longland Drive, Totteridge, said: “It’s going to be a challenge.

“I’ve been busy adding bits and finalizing things for the robot to make sure it is perfect for the big day. I am trying not to be nervous.

“Robots could be the future and I would find it really interesting to be a part of that, so I decided to get involved in the contest.”

The competition, which was founded in 1997, aims to promote robotics research by offering an appealing challenge to young people.

Teams from all over the world to create robots which can play football, dance and carry out rescues.

The four boys attend a robotics club at the school, run by teacher Adrian Terruli, who inspired them to get involved in the contest.

Omar, who lives in Mill Hill, added: “I’m not able to go to Brazil with them as we couldn’t get enough funding for the three of us - but I’m so excited for them and wish them the best of luck.”