Sporty youngsters at Long Ditton St Mary’s Junior School (LDSM) are enjoying a new game, fresh from Switzerland.

Tchoukball is a fast, dynamic game which originated from the Europe mainland and is a team sport where mental agility is as important as physical prowess.

It is played on an indoor court and at each end there is a frame similar to a trampoline, off which the ball bounces. To score a point the ball must hit the frame and bounce outside the D without being caught by the other team.

The Sugden Road school began playing as a way to inspire children in sport, to increase participation in sporting activities and to develop something unique.

David Gumbrell, headteacher, said: “More than 80 per cent of our pupil population play sport either at a LDSM sports club, or a sports club run in the local community.

“We hope to increase this number further with the introduction of a Tchoukball.”

Money spent on the sport was jointly funded by the Friends of Long Ditton St Mary’s and also by using the sport’s premium money given by the government to raise the profile of sport in school.