Hot on the heels of 10 weird quirks that give Lewisham its special character comes this top 10 of places and people that “make the borough what it is - a unique and diverse community”.

The list has been compiled by Kathi Hankinson, 49, from Lewisham.

1. The people of Lewisham who worked together to save Lewisham Hospital - makes me proud to live here. The sense of community throughout is shown with local festivals and fayres.

This Is Local London: Markets: Deptford Market and Food Court

2. Deptford High Street market where creed and colour mix in harmony.

3. The libraries, especially the telephone box library - where else has one?

This Is Local London:

Photo from Lewisham Micro Library Facebook page

4. Quirky bars, social spaces and independent restaurants: Little Nan's Bar, The Catford Constitutional Club, The Rivoli Ballroom, The Orchard, Le Querce, Meze Mangal etc

This Is Local London: Pop into Little Nan's Bar in Deptford to try her 103-year-old drink recipes

Photo: Little Nan's Bar in Deptford

5. Some great shops and top-class services: Rolls and Rems, Supreme Animal Foods, The White Room, The Turkish Food Centre, The John Hankinson Veterinary Clinic (biased!).

This Is Local London:

Photo by by weatherpixie via Flickr

6. Lewisham market - where else can you buy that much fruit and veg at those prices?

This Is Local London:

Photo by Julie70 via Flickr

7. All 45 parks in Lewisham - perhaps more than any other borough?

This Is Local London: Beckenham Place Park woods

Photo: Beckenham Place Park woods

8. Incredible arts scene - art, theatre, music, dance etc.

This Is Local London:

9. Horniman Museum – where the world's natural and cultural diversity can be enjoyed in all its glory, bringing the world to Forest Hill.

This Is Local London: The revamped bandstand, picture courtesy of Horniman Museum

10. I like that the rest of London looks down on Lewisham - they just don't know!

This Is Local London:

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