A scheme that lets people recycle different types of packaging for the first time has been set up in Claygate to help raise money for Harrison’s Fund.

The Pavilion Cafe, Church Road, has set up a new collection box which allows residents to drop off waste packaging for recycling which cannot be included in council recycling collections, meaning it would end up in landfill.

Among the items that can be dropped off are empty baby wipe packets, baby food pouches, biscuit wrappers and coffee packaging.

The scheme, set up by TerraCycle, aims to reduce the amount of landfill waste, while raising money to support a chosen school, charity or non-profit organisation.

The Pavilion Cafe chose to support Harrison’s Fund, a charity named after a six-year-old boy in Cobham with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, to help find a cure for the genetic disorder.

Sherry Secker, 37, from Claygate, who is sending the collections to TerraCycle for recycling, said: “To date we have saved more than 28,000 pieces of waste packaging from landfill, raising more than £550 for Harrison’s Fund.

“With the help of the local Claygate and Esher community we can save even more waste packaging from landfill both benefitting the local environment and very worthy charities.”

The collection box is available at the Pavilion Cafe from 8.45am to 5pm, seven days a week.