The horned visage of Lefi Ganderson is a familiar sight to many in Surbiton, thanks in part to this Brighton Road shopkeeper.

Ann Bedford, who moved to Surbiton seven years ago, became involved in Seethingmania just in time for the first ever Ski Sunday.

She helped freeze 100 blocks of ice, destined to be strapped to the feet of downhill daredevils.

Mrs Bedford, 38, said: “I think it was one of those things where someone needed to do it. Rather than have 20 people freezing two each we just said we would do all of them.

“I just think it’s really important to be part of the community, and doing silly things as well as the sensible bits.

“It just looked a bit more fun.”

Her family get involved “whether they want to or not”, she said.

She added: “I think it’s a huge part now of our life. We ended up as a bit of a drop in centre at the shop, with people who want to get involved. We kind of promote everything through here.

“My husband Alan normally does most of the freezing of the skis and the children come along to all the events and take part. They are very sporty so they like the sports day and the Trycyclingathon.”

Does she have a vision of where the Seething events might go in future?

Mrs Bedford, who runs Main Kitchen Supplies, said: “I think they are growing. I think we’re reaching out to more people.

“It’s just to make them bigger and more appealing to the wider community.”

Co-conspirator Robin Hutchinson said: “Ann is one of the most generous people in terms of time and energy that I have ever met.

“She’s incredibly supportive of ideas, somebody who really understands the value of activity and fun and drawing people together, and quite selfless.”

He said that on that first Ski Sunday, “She was the first to go, ‘Okay, that sounds mad,’ and, as a result of that, helped freeze the skis and has now done ever since.

“From that she has just grown into being involved in nigh-on everything.”