Notre Dame School pupils enjoyed learning about a host of jobs and considered which direction they might like to head in after leaving the Cobham School.

A careers fair, held on Tuesday, March 11, provided an opportunity for pupils in years 10 through to year 13 to speak to parents, former pupils and friends of the school about their careers.

Girls at the Convent Lane school had the chance to speak to people involved in range of careers, including medicine, teaching, engineering, business, graphics and architecture.

People working in media, catering, human resources, law, nursing and psychology were also on hand to offer helpful insights into their daily lives.

Ellie Ha, head of careers at Notre Dame School, said: “The school is incredibly grateful to everyone involved for giving up their time and sharing their knowledge and experience with the girls.

“Without those that participated the evening would not have been possible. It was a fantastic success and the girls very much enjoyed the evening.

“The buzz in the Montaigne studio and dining room was quite amazing and this is down to the enthusiasm from those involved and from those who attended.”