Cars parked on a busy road leading to a roundabout are a dangerous hazard which could result in an accident, a councillor has warned.

Cars are now regularly parked during the day along Longmead Road, in Epsom, starting from the junction at Hollymoor Lane, and continuing along the stretch leading to the roundabout at the junction with Chessington Road, Ewell.

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Court ward councillor Sheila Carlson said that whereas cars could previously form two lanes on the approach to the roundabout and then easily turn either left or right, the parked cars have meant that only one lane is now possible on the approach.

She said this has resulted in traffic and congestion along the already busy road.

Coun Carlson added: "Because of all the yellow lines which were painted around West Ewell station, commuters are now parking here.

"It’s an accident waiting to happen.

"Me and the other court ward councillors are doing a parking survey about different areas in the Longmead."

Parking problems in the Longmead Estate have been a longstanding issue for residents, with a number of properties having no spaces to park their cars.

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