A family which has been repeatedly affected by cancer are organising a fundraising night for breast cancer research.

Rebecca Prideaux, 38, of Canons Lane, Burgh Heath, was inspired to raise money after seeing her mother struggle with endometrial cancer last year, her aunt fight breast cancer two years ago, and an uncle die from bowel cancer when she was a child.

The family have strong links in the Burgh Heath community and ran the post office there in the late seventies and early eighties, when her uncle worked as a local postman and her father as a milkman.

She now lives with her husband and family next door to her mother and grandparents, with her sister close by.

They are all pitching in to help with the charity event, which is being hosted across both houses.

A close-knit family, cancer is a very personal subject for them.

Mrs Prideaux said: "Cancer runs in our family, and we all have to be tested regularly for different forms of it. Having seen it happen to so many people, I wanted to do something that makes a difference.

"We chose breast cancer because it’s such a personal thing for women, and seeing what my aunt went through made me want to raise both awareness and money."

The response from the community has been overwhelming.

Mrs Prideaux spent evenings and weekends throughout February canvassing local businesses for support for her event, and was delighted by the positive response.

So far 25 businesses have donated items or services to be auctioned off at the event, from flowers and handbags to free meals and haircuts.

Hayley Harding, co-owner of From This Moment bridal shop in Ewell was keen to get involved. "Having lost a number of close family members to cancer this is very personal to me, but I also think it is important for local businesses to take part in community charity projects like this."

The event will include a raffle and auction, chocolate fountain and mini-manicures, and a talk on the importance of breast cancer vigilance for men as well as women.

With 50 confirmed attendees and counting, the event should raise far more than the original target of £300, with all proceeds going to Cancer Research UK.

The event will be held at 18 and 20 Canons Lane, Burgh Heath on March 29 from 7.30pm to 10.30 pm.

Call 07757 403056 / 01737 211150, email bjpriddy007@googlemail.com or visit justgiving.com/RebeccaPrideaux2012