Merton has failed to win a major share of the Mayor of London’s £100m ‘Mini Holland’ fund, but the town centre is still set to become a “cycle hub.”

Wimbledon town centre will be “redesigned on Dutch principles” to make it more cycle friendly, with a so-called cycle hub based at Centre Court shopping centre, according to the General London Authority (GLA).

Merton Council had submitted a bid for £32m of Boris Johnson’s £100m fund but an announcement today from the Mayor’s office said Merton was not successful.

But the area will receive support to revolutionise the town centre.

Merton was described as having an exceptional proposal, and Transport for London has pledged to work with the borough to take forward substantial parts of the bid to improve cycle routes and facilities.

It has not been made clear how much money the borough will receive.

Richard Tracey, GLA assembly member for Merton and Wandsworth, said: “It is a pity that Merton did not win a top prize, but the Mayor is giving some money to the runners up to allow innovative cycling route changes."

The Mayor said: “I have been incredibly impressed with the standard of the Mini Holland entries and by the thirst among all the finalists to transform themselves into better places for people.

"It has been so hard to choose between them that I have decided that all shall have prizes.

“Areas once terra incognita for the bicycle will, over time, become every bit as cycle-friendly as their Dutch equivalents - places that suburbs and towns all over Britain will want to copy.”

Kingston, Enfield and Waltham Forest all received the full £30m each.

Bexley, Ealing, Merton and Richmond were hailed as having exceptional proposals.