An embarrassed youngster who got his hands stuck in toy handcuffs was freed by firefighters.

The boy, thought to be about nine years-old, was taken to Epsom fire station this morning by his mother after he put the metal handcuffs on and realised he did not have a key to release them, firefighters said.

Watch commander John Bennett said: “He was fine, just a bit embarrassed.

“He had a look around the fire station afterwards and his mum took him home.”

Mr Bennett said the youngster had been playing with his brother at home when he put them on and could not get them off again.

Firefighters used a hacksaw to cut the boy free after he came to the station at about 10.30am.

Mr Bennett added: “It was one of those interesting ones.

“I don’t think she will be buying him handcuffs again.”

The youngster was not hurt.