After a long day drinking with a friend, a young man decided to sleep it off.

But what he had not bargained on was being rescued by firefighters – from the roof of a church.

A ‘highly intoxicated’ man in his early twenties was discovered by fire crews on the top of Bookham Baptist Church in Lower Road, Bookham, last night.

Firefighter Jamie Devey was one of those on the scene from 9.30pm.

Mr Devey said: “A highly intoxicated young man in his early twenties decided to climb up the top of a church roof and decided to have a sleep.

“He was that drunk I think it was a forced sleep, he passed out.”

One fire engine with five firefighters from the Leatherhead station attended the scene, using a ladder to get the man down.

They used specialist equipment required when working at a height, including a harness and a roof ladder.

Mr Devey said the man was semi- conscious when he was brought down and had a sip of water.

A friend was waiting nearby.

Mr Devey said: “This is quite a rare thing.”

Surrey Police officers were on the scene.