Residents living in a Kingston street which has seen three crashes in as many months are calling for the council to act before someone is killed.

A car crashed through a wall and into a front garden following a collision in Park Road on Saturday, March 1.

It happened close to Porter's greengrocers, near the Kingston Hill end of the street. It was the latest accident to occur in the street since December - and now residents have had enough.

Park Road resident Caroline Scott said she has been campaigning for three years to make the street safer by introducing speed restrictions.

But she claimed her calls to Kingston Council have fallen on deaf ears.

She said: "One car has gone through a brick garden wall, through the small garden of the house and ended up embedded in the porch.

"If that had been a bus stop, if my children had been there, they would have been killed.

"I would like the council to reduce the speed of traffic on the road significantly so that it is safe for residents, pedestrians and other road users.

"The council's focus appears to be largely on turning the road in to a mini super highway, rather than maintaining it as an area of special character and interest.

"The council lacks any coherent strategy for managing roads and neighbourhoods, and fails to consult with residents or listen to them.

"That also needs to be addressed in a serious way at some point."

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The crash scene in Park Road on Saturday. Picture by Caroline Scott.

Canbury ward councillor Geoff Austin agreed the number of accidents in Park Road was becoming a problem.

But he said residents using the latest accident as evidence of speeding were "jumping on the accident band wagon."

He said: "We've had three accidents up by the bollards near Tudor Drive, but this is the first that has occurred near the Kingston Hill end.

"Very few people actually see an accident. They here a bang and they turn around.

"From what I hear this accident was pure human error and nothing really to do with the road conditions. I have a feeling they're trying to jump on the accident band wagon.

"In general I think the problem is you have a 30 mile limit, then a 20, then a 30 and a 20 again.

"It would make sense if it was all the same speed limit.

"It could be 20 miles and hour all the way but we'd have to get agreement with the emergency services [Park Road is a designated emergency route to Kingston Hospital] and consult the residents if that's what they wanted.

"At the moment we've only done a straw poll and they all want something different.

"It is very difficult to get a consensus."

Coun Austin added he believed part of the problem was lorries visiting the housing development being built next to Dinton Fields parking in the street and restricting motorists' views of oncoming traffic.