A burgled man is hoping CCTV images taken from his own security cameras will help to track down those responsible.

Thieves escaped with a large sum of cash and precious gold jewellery within minutes of breaking in through a ground floor window of a house on Shaldon Drive in Morden.

Gary Hamilton, 51, was shocked to discover burglars had so easily broken in just after 11am on Friday, by-passing an entry alarm, locks and a camera.

Mr Hamilton, a shop manager, said: "They screw-drivered the patio window so it all shattered and then kicked it in so they could get in.

"The went upstairs and turned the place upside down.

"They have taken quite a bit of cash, my 20-inch gold Belgian chain, my engagement ring and my wife's mum's ring."

Police from Merton's burglary squad rushed to the scene after neighbours raised the alarm, but the thieves had already fled.

Mr Hamilton has been trawling around gold exchange stores and pubs to see if anyone has been trying to sell his stolen valuables.

He said: "I just want to carry on until we catch him. Someone must know this guy."

CCTV captured two young men, one wearing a grey tracksuit with a Nike logo and the other wearing a black hoody with his face covered.

Mr Hamilton said: "I have as much security as possible but I was going to do more this weekend as we had a break in up the road two weeks ago.

"I thought I had better put a better gate and a trellis and then this has gone and happened on Friday."

The incident came just one week after Mr Hamilton's 86-year-old father was burgled at his home in Pollards Hill.

A police spokesperson said no arrests have been made but enquiries are ongoing.

Do you know these men? Please contact police on 101