his week I’ve burnt my forehead with the curling tongs, grated my finger and bruised my leg against the kitchen table. Yes, just another week in my hectic life and I can’t blame anyone for it but myself.

When people see my smashed iPhone, they automatically assume my toddler got hold of it, but I have to admit it was me who dropped it trying to do too much.

Even my husband would step forward and hold his hands up as being the clumsy one in the Underwood household, but it seems I’m giving him a run for his money.

I’ve spent most of this week in the kitchen.

Now that our baby is on solids, it’s back to pureeing lots of fruit and vegetables as well as prepping all our lunches and meals to make sure we have a healthy, balanced diet.

The kitchen is the hub of our home (and yes, I’m still waiting for the promise of a new kitchen to be fulfilled) and we spend many an hour in there, chatting, playing and generally eating together at the table.

The other day I was getting ready upstairs and listened to my better half and son baking cakes together – it was just amazing and made me chuckle to myself. I’ll never forget that.

Having a few days of intermittent sunshine has also seen us all head to Ham Common for a run around a couple of times.

When I first moved into the area, I would often go there and hang out with friends, now I’m chasing my toddler about watching him splash in the puddles and feed the ducks and swans.

So that, mixed in with a bit of work, yoga and dealing with Michael having man flu, has meant I can be excused for being a little accident-prone……right?

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