The Fab Four will be back working a hard day's night for one night only in Epsom.

The Magic of the Beatles will see a tribute band perform a show packed with the iconic group's biggest songs.

Dave Peterson, a Geordie who impersonates Scouser Paul McCartney in the band, told VIBE about how he studies perfecting McCartney’s bass playing style, mannerisms and looks - but would be stumped if they ever met.

He says: "Our John, who is actually called Paul, met McCartney years ago, but I haven’t. I don’t know what I would say to him. I would probably stare at him and think ‘I’m you’."

Peterson admits that it is actually quite tricky to play bass like McCartney.

"Now you think of Paul as a guy crooning at a piano singing Hey Jude but he’s a great bass guitar player as well," he says.

"What’s a Geordie doing playing a Scouser? But there you go. It’s a dream job and good fun."

Magic of the Beatles; Epsom Playhouse, Ashley Avenue; Epsom; Friday March 28; 8pm; from £19.50; 01372 642555;