Just four actors will perform all of the memorable characters in an innovative production of Shakespeare’s celebrated tragedy Macbeth.

One actor is set to take on the role of tragic hero Macbeth while three actresses will double up as the trio of witches and everyone else.

The tragedy opens with the "weird sisters" upon a heath, plotting to meet with Macbeth: "When shall we three meet again? In thunder, lightning, or in rain?"

In their encounter with him, they hail him as the future king of Scotland - a fateful prophecy that influences the rest of the bloody play.

Birmingham’s Blue Orange Theatre, which is bringing the Scottish play to Epsom, says its production revolves around the witches.

The theatre says: "The focus of the performance is placed on the witches' influence over Macbeth, highlighting their manipulation and power over him.

"The piece is extremely physical with the actors changing characters at pace throughout."

The different characters will be represented by different tartans worn by the character-shifting actresses.

Dramatic opera music will accompany the performance, heightening the sense of urgency as the meglomaniac Macbeth descends ever further into a pit of death and despair.

Macbeth; Epsom Playhouse, Ashley Avenue, Epsom; Thursday March 27, 7.45pm; from £8.50; call 01372 642555; visit www.epsomplayhouse.co.uk.