A school has enlisted the help of Hendon MP Matthew Offord as it prepares to tackle fly-tipping and parking issues in Colindale.

Mr Offord visited St James’ Catholic High School in Great Strand, where headteacher Niamh Arnull, governor Jan Cohen and premises manager Steve Turner, shared their concerns about the local area. 

Ms Arnull said: “The alleyway adjacent to our key stage three playground, used by students and the general public, is continually waterlogged and filled with debris including old clothes, broken glass and general household rubbish. 

“We offer after-school computer training sessions for our local senior citizens, and they have also complained at the lack of street lighting along this route to school.”

Ms Arnull said the footpath along Great Strand is in an “awful condition” and needs “urgent attention”, with students and staff often left with no choice but to walk in the road when it becomes waterlogged.

St James' also wants its zig-zag keep clear markings to be extended past its car park, and double yellow lines to be painted further along the road to stop cars parking outside the school gates and obstructing the exit. 

Ms Arnull said: “We are trying to champion healthy lifestyles for our students, by encouraging them to walk and cycle to and from school. However, we face incredibly challenging issues in the surrounding areas and asked Mr Offord MP for his support to encourage the local authority to make the required improvements. 

“He assured us that he would do everything he could to secure the desperately needed improvements.”

A council spokesman said: “We are already working with the school on several of these issues. The request for extended ‘school keep clear’ markings and double yellow lines is being reviewed.

“These changes will be subject to a statutory consultation before they can be introduced. We anticipate being able to put in place additional signage shortly.

“We are also aware of the poor condition of the footpath, which has been made worse by the recent spell of very wet weather. We are looking at changes to prevent excess water from flowing across the path in heavy rain.

“We will make sure any other concerns are followed up with the relevant service in the council and look to take action where appropriate.”