A "deceitful" healthcare assistant who pretended her father killed himself to get three weeks off work has been struck off.

Laura Kane claimed she had discovered her dad's lifeless body in the lounge after he committed suicide, the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) heard.

She concocted a story about attending his funeral in Ireland and even forged his death certificate, while colleagues worried about her well being.

Sympathetic staff at Ellern Mede Ridgeway Service for Eating Disorders, in Holcolmbe Hill, The Ridgeway, Mill Hill, were taken in and arranged a collection for a bouquet of flowers for Kane.

The staff regularly deal with suicide and were left deeply affected by her lies, the hearing was told.

Kane was granted her compassionate leave in December 2011.

She maintained her story even after her manager found out the death certificate was a fake in February 2012.

But Kane was caught out after a colleague's son, who used to date her, said he had seen her father, John Patrick Kane.

The charges against her reflected "a campaign of dishonesty and deceit", said Linda Martin, for the NMC.

Kane's career came to a premature end as she was struck off on Wednesday.

NMC panel chairman Julian Weinberg said: "Having found that Miss Kane's fitness to practise is impaired, the panel went on to consider what sanction if any to apply.

"The aggravating factors may be summarised as follows: repeated dishonest behaviour over a five week behaviour; deplorable actions; and serious departures from the fundamental standards expected from a nurse.

"The actions involved the forging of a death certificate. Miss Kane attempted to cover up her actions.

"The facts of the case are far too serious for the panel to take no action.

"Having lied to her colleagues about her father's death, she dishonestly tried to cover up her lies by producing a fake certificate, compounding her dishonesty.

"In all the circumstances, the panel has the view that a striking off order is the only order sufficient to protect the public interest."

Kate Croucher, Kane's former line manager, told the tribunal she called in sick on December 31, 2011, with news of her father's death.

She said: "I was on call that day so I called to speak to her about her father's death and tell her how sorry I was and that she should take the week off.

"During her absence the staff arranged a collection and sent flowers.

"The incident affected the staff emotionally as we regularly deal with suicide.

"I knew it was a suicide incident, she found him in the lounge, I think that was her story."

Following her leave, Kane began a phased return to work when she was asked to produce the death certificate in line with company policy.

After being confronted with the forged document, Kane tried to pin the blame on her brother, claiming he gave it to her, the hearing was told.

She was adamant she had witnessed his burial in Ireland.

Kane was later arrested, when she admitted forging the certificate, and promptly sacked from the clinic.

Kane, who did not attend the final part of the hearing, admitted dishonestly claiming her father died, taking compassionate leave and forging the death certificate.

An allegation she lied about her qualifications was unproven.