Four pumps have failed to get rid of a flood in Ewell Village which has now been there for six weeks. 

An Epsom Council spokesman said it abandoned attempts to pump water from outside Bourne Hall Park into the horse pond on Friday.

Two pumps had failed to make any impression on the floodwaters so the council brought in a further two last Tuesday, February 18.

The combined force of four pumps moved in the region of 2,800 litres a minute, but despite this residents said they failed to reduce the height of the floodwater that spills across the main road.

A council spokesman said: "It was making no difference to the water level. It was finding its own level.

"There have been talks with Surrey County Council but I do not know what they are doing as far as drainage is concerned."

Councillor Clive Woodbridge, who represents Ewell, said the next step is to check if clearing drains and pipes would have any impact.

Coun Woodbridge said: "We did try the pumping and that didn’t work. It’s a spring street and water is rising up through the ground.

"This rainwater which was falling on the Downs three or four weeks ago is working its way through. I think there’s still water springing up from the ground."

A landlord and roofer went fishing in the floodwater for a laugh on Sunday and they hope the publicity will encourage the council to tackle the flooding.

Coun Woodbridge said: "I thought they were funny. They were quite humorous and put Ewell on the map in a certain way with their escapades."

He added: "I don’t think the council needs to be spurred into action. I don’t think it’s a want of will.

"The council officers are working on it. There’s no quick or easy answer otherwise we would have done it."

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Two friends go fishing in the floodwater in Ewell Village