A town centre supermarket has been told to make sure workmen restrict noise to daylight hours after keeping neighbours awake at night.

Several neighbours complained to Sutton Council that noise from work to resurface part of Morrison's car park had gone on well into the night in recent weeks.

Some said drilling and other noises started at 6am and went on well into the night.

The council said it had not been told the High Street supermarket had planned for the work to carry on so late and has now ordered it to make sure it restricts the noise to daylight hours.

Neighbours took to Twitter to vent their frustration about the noises. User @tinytwisst tweeted: "Drilling outside Morrison's car park on a Sunday night - annoying, and surely slightly illegal?! Right? Right?! #nosleep"

She later added: "It starts at 6am sometimes and last night was still going past 11pm, so bad and annoying!"

@claremgallagher wrote: "There should be noise restrictions law/bylaws that disallow it? Where I work we have to be quiet by 4pm!"

The work has been going on for several weeks and is part of a project to resurface an area of the supermarket's car park.

A council spokesman said: "Morrison's didn't notify the council that they were working so late.

"We had four complaints and now, since the council has been notified, they have been told not to work outside responsible hours."

Morrison's has been told not to make loud noises outside daylight hours.

If neighbours continue to have problems, they can call the council on 0208 770 5000 or visit www.sutton.gov.uk.