Transport for London is seeking the views of members of the public on its plans to cut speed limits on a “death-trap “roundabout.

The transport agency is running a consultation on whether to reduce the speed limit to 50mph on the approach to the Stirling Corner roundabout between Rowley Lane and Courtland Avenue.

Pedestrians claim they struggle to cross the road to get to the Morrisons superstore, because traffic zooms from the A1 at a speed of 70mph.

Excessive speeds have been blamed for a series of serious accidents at the junction, described as a “death-trap” by those who use it.

A spokesman for TfL said it wanted to ensure everyone who uses this section of road can continue to do so in a safe and organised manner.

He continued: “The aim of reducing the speed limit on this busy stretch of road is to make journey times more reliable by helping traffic to flow more smoothly and to help reduce collisions of the approach to Stirling Corner.”

Full-time traffic signals are being trialled at the roundabout until May to establish whether the lights are successful in reducing accidents.

Greater London Authority member Andrew Dismore, who has been campaigning to make Stirling Corner safer for many years, welcomed the consultation.

He said: “It’s an inherently dangerous roundabout and reducing the speed limit is essential - it’s the only way to make things a bit safer there.

“Things are looking very positive now because we have been campaigning for this for a very long time. It’s been a hard battle, but it’s a step in the right direction.

“We’ve finally got the traffic lights turned on, though we are worried we might lose those. People need to respond to the consultation so we can finally see changes here.”

Tony De Swarte, who lives in Nash Close in Elstree said he was “100 per cent” behind the proposals.

He added: “Driving around the roundabout at 70mph is completely unnecessary. It is not a race track, people should go to Silverstone if they want to drive like that.

“The only people who will be opposed to cutting the speed limit will be those inconsiderate drivers who put the lives of other people using the roundabout at risk.”

Long-time campaigner Sue Alford, of Hunter Close, Borehamwood, said she hopes this is a step in the right direction.

She said:”I am delighted some progress is being made s being made to improve safety on this roundabout.

“I urge people to look at the proposals and respond positively to them. I also would like people to write in expressing their support for the full-time traffic signals and their role in cutting accidents.”

Mayor of Borehamwood Cllr Clive Butchins said the consultation would be the subject of debate at the Transport and Road Safety Forum at the Civic Offices in Elstree Way on Thursday.

The consultation runs until March 28. To submit your views visit