Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond paid a visit to the Children’s Trust ahead of its 30th anniversary.

The TV star was filming segments for an appeal due to go out on BBC next month, focusing on the work that the Children’s Trust does and the need for donations.

The charity, based in Tadworth Court, is the UK’s leading charity for children with brain injury.

Mr Hammond, who has been a vice president of the charity for five years, congratulated the charity on reaching its 30th anniversary and sat in on a physio session with one of the children.

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He also spoke about his own brain injury, which he suffered in a car crash in September 2006.

Daniel Boyd, 16, was impressed by the presenter’s Children’s Trust badge, which he wore during the visit.

The star, also lent his voice to the audio books Heads-up: Tim-Tron, which have been written to help younger children understand their brain injury.