A woman is fighting to keep the roof over her head as she faces eviction from her family home in Wimbledon.

Maegaret Moore, who is 58 years-old, has lived in the two bedroom maisonette in Haydon Park Road, for 13 years but now faces an uncertain future after being told to get out.

Ms Moore lived with her mother Lillian Moore and the property, owned by Merton Priory Homes, is in her mother's name.

But Mrs Moore senior no longer lives there, and until recently was in Carter House Care Home in Raynes Park.

However a duty manager said that Mrs Moore had left the home several weeks ago.

Ms Moore said that her health has been affected by the stress of facing eviction, and she regularly wakes in the night shaking with worry.

She will start counselling this month having been referred by doctors. A spokesperson from MPH said that they could not comment on individual cases but only 'seek possession of premises where there is a lawful reason to do so.'

Ms Moore, who lives at the house with her lurcher dog Pebbles, said she was originally told to leave just days before Christmas on December 27.

Ms Moore said: "It's been a nightmare.

"I am not packing my stuff up - if it happens I will just get out and leave it all - that includes my mum's belongings.

"Everyone should be made aware of what's happening, it's terrible."

Wayne Hainsworth, managing director at Circle Housing Merton Priory said: "We are unable to comment on Circle Housing Merton Priory actions in respect of individual tenants or occupiers.

"However, we can say that we only seek possession of premises where there is a lawful reason to do so and after consideration of the individual circumstances."

Mr Hainsworth added that they provide advice in such circumstances, including referring individuals to the London Borough of Merton’s housing needs team.

He added: "Our team will continue to offer our help and advice to Ms Moore during what we appreciate is a very difficult time."