We Brits may be known for polite queuing and biting our tongues but everyone has their pet hate that sends them over the edge.

And funny man Lee Hurst, known for his razor-sharp, quick witted banter, is on a mission to find out what really winds you up, as he brings his stage show Things That Make You Go Aaarggh!!! to Epsom.

The stand-up comic will ask audiences what gets under their skin whilst telling jokes in his quirky style made famous on TV’s sports quiz They Think It’s All Over.

He also appeared on Have I Got News For You and Don’t Give Up Your Day Job and presented Shark Tank and Salvage Squad.

But since then, he has taken a step back from regular television appearances, battling what he called the Four A’s - asthma, alopecia, arthritis and arrhythmia.

Hurst has suffered with a type of arthritis which affects the spine since he was in his twenties, and developed a heart condition in 2008 which causes his heart to beat at three times the regular speed.

But he says this wasn’t the reason he left telly - he’s spent the last few years pouring his heart into his Backyard Comedy Club, on Cambridge Heath Road in his native Bethnal Green.

He also dabbled in politics, nearly running for London Mayor in 2004 after a redevelopment plan threatened to knock down his club.

• Lee Hurst; Epsom Playhouse, Ashley Avenue, Epsom; March 14: 8pm; £14; call 01372 742555 or visit epsomplayhouse.co.uk.