Kingston Liberal Democrats are petitioning Transport for London to alter one of the borough’s bus services.

The petition concerns the K4 route, which runs between Kingston and Hook from Monday to Saturday.

The Liberal Democrat party wants the K4 to run more frequently than every half hour, the introduction of a Sunday service, and the inclusion of Woodgate Avenue on its journey.

A spokesman for London TravelWatch said: “We support the idea of a Sunday service on the K4 route which would bring it into line with other similar services.

“We are concerned about the route’s recent performance and would expect TfL to take measures to improve its reliability, which performance reports show to be poor.”

Users of the K4 service have said the current route disadvantages people living near Woodgate Avenue, including residents of two large housing complexes.

Unreliability, irregularity, and overcrowding have also been cited as the K4’s biggest problems.

Helen Robinson, a K4 user, said: “Additional services would be brilliant. It’s not a very reliable service and I frequently find the bus full, particularly in the evenings.

“I know that a lot of people who would benefit from these changes.”

London Transport Buses (LTB) threatened to cut the K4 bus service in 2001, but were persuaded not to do so by Edward Davey MP.

LTB also promised to add new services to the route, but this has failed to ease problems facing users.

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