Barnet Borough Council has been left “disappointed” after discovering books, children’s toys and old clothes in a fly tipping hotspot.

The authority has taken steps to prevent litter louts abusing the Daws Lane car park, in Mill Hill - but the problem continues.

Last month, large recycling bins were removed from the site, which is opposite Etz Chaim Primary School, to deter people from leaving rubbish there - but two charity bins remain.

On Friday, a new heap of rubbish appeared, leaving users of the car park “horrified and disgusted”.

A statement from the council said: “It is very disappointing to still see this happening in the area.

“The owners of the final two bins have reassured us that they will be removed from the Daws Lane Car Park by the end of the week.

“The council will continue to monitor the site for the coming months and will act on any evidence provided, which helps to identify the offenders.”