High winds and rainfall caused disruption overnight, causing road closures and damage to property.

A severe weather warning was issued yesterday across London for high winds, which have caused a number of incidents across the boroughs.

In Redbridge, Cranbrook Road in Ilford was closed at the junction with Winston Way and Wellesley Road due to falling scaffolding.

The road is expected to reopen again later today.

Residents are being urged to report any fallen trees, blocked roads or damage to structures to the council highways team.

There are currently no other blocked roads in the borough and all parks have remained open, although some fallen trees have been reported in South Woodford and Wanstead.

No flood alerts have been issued for the Lower River Roding.

In Waltham Forest, the council has reassured residents that plans are in place to deal with any damage.

Figures released this week which showed the borough had the highest number of homes at risk of flooding than any London borough.

In a statement the council said: “The distressing pictures of flooding around the country, and even in the capital, are enough to make residents think about just how prepared we are here in Waltham Forest should this incessant rain not let up.

“The borough provides water for 1.5 million people in London through the reservoirs in the Lea Valley and there are a variety of rivers and streams which add to the borough’s open spaces.

“These water sources mean that there are permanent measures in place to deal with flooding such as sluice gates and weirs which deal with any excess water.”

Last week emergency services were called to Lower Hall Lane, Chingford, which was flooded in up to 60cm of water.

Council leader, Chris Robbins, said: “We haven’t experienced any major disruption so far and our risk remains low.

“In the unlikely event that significant flooding should happen, the council is on high alert and would ensure that all of our staff and resources would be focussed on helping our residents.”

Epping Forest has a number of flood alerts and warnings issued where flooding is expected including parts of the River Roding and Cripsey Brook.

The North Weald Airfield market remains closed today due to the severe weather warnings.

Airfield Manager Darren Goodey said: “The decision has been taken to close the market as severe weather warnings of strong winds and heavy rain are predicted to affect the local area over the next couple of days.

“The safety of our residents, customers and stall holders is paramount.

“We apologise for any inconvenience. It is anticipated that the market should go ahead as usual next week.”

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