Two female members of the clergy and their husbands were among 18 couples who renewed their vows at a church in a bid to break a world record.

Vicar, Rev Rosemary Donovan, and associate minister, Rev Sue Curtis, renewed their vows at Christ Church, Epsom Common, on Saturday.

Simultaneously thousands of other couples across the UK relived their wedding days at 5.15pm as part of the national Big Promise world record attempt.

Craig Donovan, 45, husband to Rev Rosemary of Christ Church in Epsom Common, has just penned his second light-hearted and humorous novel.

Berwick Curtis, the associate minister's husband of 42 years, said one couple in the congregation had been married 50 years while two newlyweds had tied the knot just 18 months ago.

Mr Curtis said: "Craig and myself were in the congregation while our wives ran the service. For some people it was very emotional. I felt a twinge of emotion. I thought back over the years."

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Robert and Devorah Burns, who were married in 1981

Denise Chamberlain, a publicity officer at the church, who renewed her vows with her husband of 31 years, said they do not know if the record has been broken.

Mrs Chamberlain said: "It was lovely. It was just lovely to all go over what you had done before and relive the day."

The Big Promise was part of a festival, called Love Fest, at the church. It includes an exhibition of a Century of Wedding Dresses that runs until this weekend.

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The vicar, Rev Rosemary Donovan

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Associate minister, Rev Sue Curtis

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