Surrey Police’s £10m reserve funds have been made available as flooding continues across the county.

Kevin Hurley, police and crime commissioner for Surrey, said the chief constable would have access to the money to support the police force’s work in the rescue and recovery effort.

The reserve funds will be used for whatever equipment or personnel resources the police decide is necessary for their role within the response to the floods.

Mr Hurley said: “I want to make sure that the chief constable has the resources she needs to support her officers and staff out there on the ground and help us to do as much as we can for the communities affected.

“I am in regular contact with the chief constable on this situation and will continue to closely monitor the level of financial support required.

“This is having a drastic impact on tens of thousands of Surrey residents. We maintain our financial reserves for just such times of emergency and we will do whatever it takes to help protect life and property in the flood areas, as well as helping these communities to get back on their feet when the waters have subsided.”

The reserve money, which totals £10m, will be kept under close scrutiny and Mr Hurley said he would continue to communicate with the chief constable on the situation.