Britain's Got Talent fans dressed in red, white and blue braced high winds and stormy weather to take part in a flashmob with TV presenters Ant and Dec for the opening sequence of the new series.

Hundreds of fans gathered outside Wimbledon Studios to perform a choreographed dance around a model city of London which will be watched by millions around the world when the first episode goes live in the spring.

Cliff Harris, a video company owner from Essex who was first in the queue on Wednesday morning, said: "It was a freezing cold day and filming ran most of the day. I was first in the queue at half past six and I queued for nearly four hours.

"But it was amazing and I'm hoping to be able to spot myself in the flashmob when it actually gets on TV.

"We saw Ant and Dec at a distance but as you can imagine there were about 500 people so they were a bit lost in the crowd."

Fans came from as far away as Northern Ireland to perform alongside cheerleaders, circus acrobats, dancers, gymnasts and a town cryer.

Filming lasted six hours, with tea and sandwiches provided by ITV for the volunteers during breaks.

ITV hired a studio on the Deer Park Road site to film the sequence.