Drivers are facing costly repair bills after potholes have caused major damage to vehicles in recent weeks.

Following heavy rain, flooding and high winds, Surrey County Council estimated a bill of at least £6m to repair damaged roads, with a final bill of £10m possible.

Residents and borough councillors reported potholes to the county council after experiencing firsthand the damage they cause to vehicles.

Councillor Christine Elmer, who represents Walton South, was furious after potholes at the north end of Rydens Road opened up again, despite works just taking place.

She said: “It is so substandard that we now have to drive at exceedingly low speed in order to avoid the holes some of which are many inches deep.

“This part of Rydens Road needs a complete resurface not substandard in filling.”

A large pothole in Walton Lane, near Weybridge Health Club, also caused problems for motorists, with one driving having to replace three tyres in two days last week.

Trevor Adams, from Walton, said: “The road is narrow and with two way traffic it is very difficult to avoid. In the dark and with all the recent rain, you cannot see the pothole.”

A Surrey County Council spokeswoman said: “We are currently in the process of spending millions of pounds on repairing damage caused to our highways by the severe weather.

“If residents would like to report to us any other potholes they've seen with more precise locations we will be happy to deal with them.”

Report potholes at or call 0300 2001003.