A new volunteer companion shopping service has been launched by Elmbridge Council.

The initiative will allow people with mobility issues to gain support on tasks such as weekly grocery shopping.

The council launched the service to help residents who are unable to complete these tasks due to age or illness and those who are away from their families.

In addition to helping with the shopping, volunteers will also help to put shopping away once their companion reaches home.

One resident, Pauline, who uses a wheelchair, said the service has made shopping less tiring and less stressful.

Councillor Christine Elmer, portfolio holder for social affairs, said: “This is a fantastic scheme supporting the very heart of our community.

“This scheme is not only practical but could be the highlight of the week for those older people it helps.”

Each shopping trip would require two and a half hours and volunteers can help as regularly as they like.

To volunteer, call 01372 474552 or email volunteering@elmbridge.gov.uk.