A volunteer who has dedicated more than 15 years to supporting Sam Beare Hospice bids farewell to her role within the charity.

Beryl Cox, 80, began supporting the Weybridge hospice after her husband died 17 years ago, with 10 years volunteering in the hospices day care unit and seven years as a retail assistant in the hospice’s Weybridge book shop.

To celebrate her retirement, a surprise party was held at the High Street book shop on Tuesday, January 28. Mrs Cox said: “I have volunteered all my life so now that I’m 80 I think it’s time to take it a bit easy.

“I really enjoyed my time at the hospice, but after 10 years I felt was time for a bit of change so I joined the shop when it opened and I’ve had a wonderful time here too.”

Sam Beare Hospice trustee Dawn Stickney, a former community nurse who cared for Mrs Cox’s husband, was among those who attended to party to thank Mrs Cox for her years of dedicated service.

Mary Morgan, volunteers services manager, said: “We have people of all ages and from all walks of life, who give their time to us.

“Beryl has been a fantastic ambassador and volunteer for us, and we need more people like her to help us run our shops.”

To volunteer, call Mary Morgan on 01483 881750 or visit your nearest Woking and Sam Beare Hospices shop.