Brazen litter louts have been branded “disgusting and irresponsible” for constantly dumping rubbish next to a children’s playground.

The free car park in Daws Lane, Mill Hill, has become a hot spot for fly tippers who carelessly leave their waste on the pathway leading up to the park.

Rubbish from bicycles, old toilets, carpets, furniture, building materials and toys are regularly left to rot next to the large recycling bins.

After the items are collected by Barnet Borough Council, a new load of rubbish appears in its place just days later.

To deter the fly tippers, the authority plans to move the recycling banks to a new site at the Victoria Road junction with Lawrence Street, Mill Hill, before the start of February.

But mother Nikky Schofield, who uses the car park when she takes her seven-year-old daughter to Etz Chaim School, has issued a warning to the “selfish” litterers.

She said: “Its disgusting - in such a state. It’s an eyesore to have to look at this every morning. I dread to think what kind of health hazards all the rubbish holds too.

“My son says it’s stinky and my daughter finds it horrible too. We teach children not to litter so this isn’t setting a good example.

“It’s appalling the way people think they can just dump their old things here and leave it. It’s very selfish.”

Hendon resident Mrs Schofield believes the culprits are using the site to dump their rubbish when their wheelie bins are full.

She also believes they are attracted to the site as the big recycling bins mean many feel it is an appropriate place to leave the waste - but that others are “abusing” the system.

Fly tipping is a criminal offence and those caught can be fined and prosecuted under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

She added: “In the summer, it gets really bad and smells absolutely awful. People just don’t think about the negative effects this can have.

“I’m worried it will attract rats and other creatures if people continue do fly tip here. It’s very unhygienic - especially given that the area is used by mothers taking children to school.”

A statement from Barnet Council said: “Our teams will continue to monitor the situation at the Daws Lane car-park to ensure that the fly-tipping is dealt with.

“Residents can report cases of fly-tipping by using our online service, . This immediately alerts the relevant team to the problem which they then deal with in a timely manner.”